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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  April 6, 2012 1:50am-2:20am EDT

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then we never talk about what we learned on the show. geoff: that's true. craig: you know what we did learn on this show? geoff: what is that? craig: we learned a new way of cussing, and i for one, and delighted. i didn't really get it right there, did i? geoff: what the hell? craig: you know, i was kind of put off because i suddenly realized this is a bit like a false breast. geoff: hy it is! craig: you know, i mean, i have lived in l.a. for 17 years now. i know a false breast when i see one and this looks a bit like one, even right down to the robot microchip in the front for detecting prey. [laughter] geoff: you're awesome, man. craig: did you have a nice birthday? geoff: i had a great birthday. craig: do you like the president i got you? geoff: yeah. craig: what is it?
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geoff: what you're giving me right now. craig: companionship? geoff: if that's what you want to call it. craig: no, i got you this. geoff: oh, thanks. craig: it is a breast. you can wear it in here and it will look like you're -- it will look exactly the same. [laughter] geoff: i am robot, hear me roar. craig: good night, everybody. good night.
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. this is 9news now. they ought to go. i tell you that right now. that's what council member marion barry said about asian business owners in his area as he was claiming victory in his reelection bid tuesday now. >> now the former mayor is apologizing as at least one minority business leader says
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the city council should reprimand him for his remarks. gary nurenberg spoke with him. >> reporter: in some ways, marion barry is unre spend sif saying it's the -- unrepensive saying it's the media. >> some business owners sell bad products. >> i could have used a better choice of words. >> reporter: the words he used is we have to do something about these asians coming in opening up businesses, dirty shops, i tell you that, but we need african-american people to be able to take their place. council ought to reprimand him. unbelievably racist and insensitive. >> insensitive. i wouldn't accuse him of being a racist. i don't think he's a racist. >> reporter: the ceo of the pan-asian area of commerce. >> i was shocked. i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: many of the small businesses are his words have
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asian owners who he says. >> don't hide anybody from the community. don't participate in the community. >> reporter: but he cites the asian owned martins as an example of a business. >> they give us a plan and contributes money. >> reporter: the asians ought to go remark. >> i apologize to the asian community for anything i said that was harmful. but my record is impeccable. i have fought all of my life against discrimination. >> reporter: mr. barry, how would you have acted if an elected official had said we have to do something about these african-americans coming into our community selling shoddy products. they have to go. what would you have said? >> i would have said if somebody hadn't had a good record on it, i would have said get out of here. >> reporter: but barry says his record is "stellar".
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apologizes for any offense. but continues to argue the business owners in ward 8 "be part of the community of ward 8, not just take the money and run into virginia somewhere". derek. >> thank, gary. up until now, any evidence about gregg williams role in bounty gate was hearsay, at least when it comes to the redskins. not anymore. new audio evidence was released today from williams talking to his players. kristen berset is here with what was on the tape. kristen. >> we've heard plenty of stories from former players detailing how he offered to pay them to take out or injure opponents. well now that evidence is available for everyone to hear and it comes straight from the horse's mouth. an independence sports filmmaker was granted special access to the saints while working on a documentary. he has now released 12 minutes of audio from a pre game speech gregg williams gave his defense before the saints 49ers game on january 13th sth. if you had any doubt about
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william's role in bounty gate, you may have no more after listening to this. >> you don't [ bleep ] apologize for how you play. make sure we kill. 32 [ bleep ] . he has no idea what he's in for. remember me. i got the first one. i got the first one. so lay that [ bleep ] out. we're going to kill . [ bleep ] >> now, williams has already been suspended indefinitely by the nfl. but this evidence came out the day head coach sean payton and mckie lumes appealed their suspension to the league. we're waiting on a ruling but this evidence doesn't help the case. >> thanks. tonight dc police have ruled the death of a baby found naked on a sidewalk the homicide. the district's medical examiner's office says the baby
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girl froze to death. the man found the newborn steps from a home in the 3,000-block of channing street back in january. that night the temperatures were below freezing. so far no one has come forward claiming that baby girl. now, an update on a 2-year-old boy who is on the road to recovery from being shot in the face last august. he was hit by a stray bullet while playing outside his family's apartment. he spent considerable time in the hospital since then and doctors say he still faces several surgeries, but his family says he is doing well. >> it's amazing that he's doing okay. he's good. he's here. >> yesterday a jury convicted 18-year-old devon matos for the shooting that injured him. he will be sentenced in june. the traffic can now get through the memorial circle in arlington. that's after a police chase ended in a total mess. emergency crews took six people, including a small child, to the
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hospital after their suv flipped over several times. fairfax county police say it all started after somebody stole something from tyson's corner. that sparked a police chase which ended near the arlington cemetery. no officers were hurt in the chase. enough is enough. that is the message from the maryland lottery director after the recent megamillion doctor ticket hoax. steven martino says he's concerned that unconfirmed reports of people claiming to be the winner may leave others to know if the money has been claimed. >> it's important for us that people not be mistaken the ticket has been claimed. >> martino says until a winner is confirmed, everyone that bought a ticket at the seven-11 ought to recheck their number. the blond bandit has pled guilty to a whole host of
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crimes. we're talking about stephanie schwab. she robbed two banks, tried to rob a third one, stole a car, carjacked two others. she is also guilty of distributing heroin. tonight we hear from inside the cockpit of a plane where an elderly woman was forced to land after her husband suffered a medical emergency. 81-year-old helen collins was thrown into the pilot seat on monday when her husband collapsed. the plane was just six miles south of sturgeon bay, wisconsin, when charade yoeed for help. the -- when she radioed tore help. they gave her quick lessons how to land. >> you're doing fine. >> you're going to make it. don't dive for the runway. do not dive. you're doing fine.
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there you go. okay. good. >> you're doing fine. there you go. power off. power off. power off. power off. nose up. okay. you're down. great job, helen. great job. outstanding, helen. >> hum. the plane touched down hard snapping the nose gear, but helen kept control and came to a safe stop. unfortunately her husband john was pronounced dead shortly after landing. helen was taken to the hospital with some broken bones. the general council for the florida prosecuting attorney's association says florida stand your ground law needs to be repealed. that law has come into play in the trayvon martin shooting. a task force in florida is examining the law. at least 20 other states have similar stand your ground law. a 9news now health alert for you. there is a lot of debate over the marriage of recent studies that suggest the chicken we eat may contain a lot of substances we do not want. the studies focused on something called feather meal. it's a biproduct used as a
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supplement to feed animals and some recent studies found banned antibiotics, tylenol, benadryl, caffeine, even arsenic. >> we didn't look directly at chicken meat, so we can only make inferences on what might be in the meat based on what was found in the feathers. what it says is we need to do a thorough investigation as a result of what we choose to feed animals. >> the national chicken council points out that the study looked at the feather, not the meet. and a veterinarian who worked with the poultry who says inorganic arsenic is found in soil, plants. as for the fda, it says it has not had enough time yet to review those studies. one of nasa's champion is being honored with her own super nova tonight. the space telescope institute in baltimore name one of the stellar experiences after
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senator barbara mcculskey. she saved 500 maryland jobs in the process. >> when i was growing up in east baltimore, of course i wanted to be a star. but i didn't know i would grow up to be a super nova. i am deeply, deeply touched today. i am thrilled and honor. >> super nova is a star that exploded 7 billion light years away from earth. its light was captured by hubble last winter. all right, anny. >> lesli, we have temperatures dropping overnight. freeze warnings in effect for north and west of town. but for tomorrow morning as you're waking up, it will be a chilly start with lots of sunshine. the breeze will pick up. lows bottoming out. low 40s to around freezing. i have your full forecast including easter coming up. also coming up, a historic dc landmark gets a second chance. maybe even a third chance. tonight we're inside the newly
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renovated howard theater. >> but first a documentary focusing on young kid and bullying making head way. we're going to tell you the
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an update now on the documentary bully, the wine
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steen company says the rating for the film has been rated pg13. they originally gave it an r rating for language and declined to change it when the film company appealed. it examines school bullying by following five children over the course of the school year. the new edited version will be released next friday. police and prosecutors in minnesota have finally agreed a waitress will get to keep the 12,000 bucks a customer left at a service table. stacey nutson says the customer left a takeout container in the fryn' pan restaurant. he told her to keep the container. she found $12,000 in it and so she called the cops. they detected drugs on the money. prosecutors have said they have not been able to tie the money to any crime so they plan to write her a check for the full
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$12,000. >> whether it was angel or some citizen that gave her the money or they lost it, the fact of the matter is justice has been done. >> stacey says she, her husband and her five kids will be using that money to pay down some bills. >> what a wonderful surprise. >> yes. >> somebody needed it. >> absolutely. we need some warmer temperatures, but i guess you're talking about cold stuff tonight. >> yes. temperatures are dropping down to maybe around freezing. low 30s. even upper 20s especially far north and west of town overnight. so we've got a freeze warning in effect for our countries of frederick, clark and jefferson county. even a freeze watch for tomorrow night. so kind of a repeat for those northwestern suburbs. but for tonight around about way, temperatures are going to be on the chilly side as we're looking at mostly clear skies out there. temperatures are going to be around lower 50s at this hour. partly cloudy at reagan
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national. winds are south, southeast at around 6 miles per hour. our national satellite radar picture showing us the major activity is, again, into southeast. the storm that caused the tornado in dallas a couple of days ago, well, it's still kind of causing some severe thunderstorms to pop up into southeast. also making augusta, georgia, where we have the masters taking place, they are looking at a chance for some stormy weather as well. in our area, we are looking at basically clear skies overnight. temperatures, again, cool for your friday. and it will be on the breezy side as well. in downtown 52. but 40s for gaithersburg. 49 in hagerstown. down to 39 in martinsburg. and these temperatures will really start to drop around 3:00 in the morning when that freeze warning starts for those locations. now, chilly for your friday start. definitely bring out the jackets. maybe even a scarf as your heading out the door. breezy and cool for your friday afternoon. freeze watch in effect for tomorrow night north and west of
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town again. and then we're looking at a pretty nice easter weekend. not even a cloud in the sky. it's tough to find one for the next few days. so overnight as you're sleeping, what can you expect? partly cloudy to clear skies. grab a blanket or two for overnight. lows down to the low 30s, especially in the suburbs. then we're finishing off the work week with plenty of sun. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. for the afternoon no shortage of sunshine but it will be breezy and cool. so you'll feel the chill in the air tomorrow with the breeze kicking up. highs in the upper 50s to lower 60s. winds are out of the north at 10-15 miles an hour. highs downtown in the lower 60s. it will be a couple degrees below the average high. 61 in arlington. 60 in rockville. 60 in reston. bowie around 60. annapolis around 57 degrees with plenty of sunshine and a chance for -- we do have a small craft
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advisory in effect. so here is a look at your friday day planner. cold conditions. breezy. noon and also 5:00 with plenty of sun. temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s. for the next three days, we're looking at milder conditions for saturday. easter sunday looking pretty good around 69 degrees. plenty of sun as well. here is a look at your next seven days. again, weekend looking really good. and then on monday, tuesday chance for some showers coming in. we definitely can use the rain if we get some monday, tuesday and wednesday. and keep in mind it will also be a little cooler for tuesday and wednesday into the 50s. but you know, you guys, easter just really looks really, really nice. i'm happy to deliver a pretty good looking easter holiday weekend. >> and we're happy to accept delivery. >> absolutely. well, once it was a washington icon, but more than three decades ago the howard theater was shut down and most thought it was done for good. >> however, a few dreamers were holding on, and now that
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washington icon is about to make a miraculous come back. and earlier today, we got a look inside. >> for decades now, the howard theater has been a boarded up relic. >> it was just full of water. >> so when local developers decided to try to bring it back. >> no one wants to touch it with a 10-foot pole. >> let's just say there was some healthy skepticism. but six years and $29 million later. >> we've been getting overwhelmingly just people so grateful that we've done this. >> this is the knew how ward theater. and inside it is almost nothing like the old one. first of all, it's got movable tables and chairs and two full bars. 83-year-old lloyd avery had to come down to see it to believe it. >> did you think that you would live to see the day? >> no. it's amazing. it's fantastic. i'm telling you the truth. >> that sort of thing is just what architects michael marschall and powell lamoya want
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to hear. >> when you come to the howard, you will be seated and then waiters will come to you. >> and the food will come from here. >> this has been going on. we've been setting up the kitchen for two weeks. >> it will be enough for 600 theater goers. >> this is a perk of the job. >> and here is another perk. very few will get to see the howard theater from here. >> this is the diana ross view of the howard theater ♪ imagination >> and margie, grace and sandra already know about that view. after 50 years, they're still the jewels. and back in the day, they sang at the howard with james brown, no less. >> to play at the howard theater was like playing at the kennedy center back then. it was a big thing. >> and so is getting it back. >> to see it restored, that's
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wonderful. we have been waiting on this for a long time. >> and the jewels will be on the howard stage once again for the ribbon cutting next week. and they're bringing something special for the occasion. ♪ the howard theater ♪ is ba >> the howard theater is back. and, lesli, i have to tell you the whole time we were there, folks were coming by so very happy to see that the howard has been restored and is reopening. and with this new more flexible business model, the developer thinks it can survive even in these challenging economic times. >> what a gorgeous, gorgeous theater. >> it is gorgeous. >> of course now we're all hungry. >> that pizza was so good i burnt my mouth eating it and i'm not even lying. so now what are we talking,
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nats today? >> and caps. nats today. both. rocking the red tonight as the capitals clinch their fifth straight post season burst. plus the nationals getting the season started right.
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now 9 sports with kristen berset, the best sports in town. >> for four straight seasons, the capitals have made the playoffs. brooks guaranteed everyone they could do it once again. >> we're making the playoffs. >> we're not talking worst case scenario. we're making the playoffs. >> those words seem to get through to his teammates. tonight caps mosting panthers. came out strong. knocks in a blocked shot. his fourth of the season. but a scary moment in the second. stern falls on the left knee of moivert. that doesn't look good. he could not put any weight on
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that leg. alex ovechkin doubled the score and brooks living up to his words gets another. they close the gap to 1. but simmons says this one is ours. capitals clinch the playoffs 4-2 over the panthers. and they got a little bit of help tonight too. courtesy of philadelphia. washington and buffalo were tied for the 8th spot but the flyers won. that knocked them out. >> i never said the word guarantee. i just believed in our group. i thought we were going to make the playoffs. a good night tonight. it looks like we're going to be there. >> all right. it's been 19 points for steven strazburg making his way back and for nationals fans anxious to see if the young player would make a full recovery. davie johnson said it was a no
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brainer that strasburg would start. he was making his first ever opening day start. 5 hits, 5 runs, one strike out in 7 innings. but he didn't get any runs thanks to ryan dempster 10 strikeouts today in his first ever opening day. he held the nats scoreless into the 8 but they got hot. desmond drove in the go ahead run in the top of the 9th. nats open the season on the right foot beating chicago 2-1. >> this is exciting day to get the win. come out and play hard. we have been waiting for this all off season and it finally came. >> to augusta up and down day for tiger woods. a birdie on whole 3. the bad. slams down the club. not happy. he bogeyed the hole to finish par. his face says it all. here is the leader.
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lee westwood sits at top on 5 under. we go out to mclane for our high school game of the week. great day weather wise for high school lacrosse. on the restart anna long takes it in herself for the score. national cathedral squeaks by. wizards taking on detroit but stucky back from injury was on fire with 15. the wizards lose tonight 99-94. caps go into the playoffs. nats open on the right foot. >> that's the lottery. remember. >> i know. i know. hey babe, thanks for goin' shopping.
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i was born to shop. ha. the girls are gonna be here any minute. awesome. what's with this cheese? [ man ] i thought it looked good, so i pulled the trigger. you thought it looked good? not as good as you. [ male announcer ] try boursin gourmet spreadable cheese. an indulgently rich blend of fine herbs and garlic.


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